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L. Farrenc / Symphonie N° 1 Op. 32 / Ausschnitt



"Work and patience" was the guiding principle under which the founder of the company Wilhelm von Heinrichshofen centered his life and work. He stood behind his high desk up to the last day of his work-intensive life, always with an open mind and accessible to anyone's worries - a role model of performance of one's duty.
To try to equal the philosophy of high standards he had established as binding, certainly was imperative to the following generations as well as for his collaborators. At present, this guiding principle is still being followed daily towards clients and authors. Being one of the oldest and most recognized music publishers, our objective is to offer our clients and authors only the very best available in the field of the publishing industry and be always one step ahead of our competition. So that the words: "labore et patientia" also become the purpose in life for the coming successors. 

Todays' publishing activities are embodied by more than 1,200 available titles focusing on the following categories:

Music publications related to all subject areas; among them are: Musical history and musical theory, works covering the great composers and interpreters, works of reference and bibliographies, instrumental bibliographies, publications related to operas and vocals, as well as non-European musical cultures and exquisite facsimile reproductions

Literature on ballet-, dancing and theater

Fiction, literature on German philology and history
Sheet music editions of classical and contemporary music
Kritische Editionen [Reinhard Keiser, Andreas Romberg, Louise Farrenc]
The compositional works of Wolfgang Hofmann (1922-2003) consisting of 200 editions
Literature on organ music, including the »book of hymn tunes to the protestant hymnbook (EG) in deep pitch of voice« and the »book of hymn to the Genevan Psalter«